Menu Monday: Back on Track

It hasn’t been a month since I’ve posted menus, or anything else of  that matter… or has it? Sigh. As my freelance writing work picks back up again, combined with other obligations, my blog took the default backseat. Not cool. I will work on my priorities. Now on to menus.

Menu Plan Monday

The weeks that I have had a menu plan have been awesome. (That’s Paleo Shepherd Pie in the photo above, from another week’s menus.) I think our grocery budget has remained constant, but the time saved and the stress-free nights from planning ahead are incredibly valuable. So here’s what I’m planning to cook for dinner this week:

Monday: Ground Beef Lo Mein made with grass-fed beef and venison and rice noodles

Tuesday: Potato Chicken Bake with fermented sauerkraut and homemade sourdough bread & butter on the side

Wednesday: Quinoa White Chicken Chili with Lime served with lime multigrain chips and queso fresco

Thursday: Puerto Rican Beef from Everyday Paleo

Friday:  Pollock coated in raw egg,  lightly breaded with homemade sourdough bread crumbs, and fried in coconut oil. We made this two weeks ago and it was a huge hit. Serve with steamed broccoli and a rice pilaf.

Saturday:  Homemade pizzas with homemade sourdough crusts and an array of pick-your-own toppings (kids’ favorite night!) Last week, mine was super thin crust with kale, red onions, black olives and feta. So good!

Sunday:  Grilled grass-fed beef roast or steaks, stuffed baked potatoes and steamed organic veggies

I’m linking up this week with Organizing Junkie for the weekly menu planning post — a great place to browse recipes from around the web.

What’s cooking at your home this week?


Dinner Menus: Yummly-Inspired


This week’s menu plan is brought to you courtesy of Yummly. I mean, not really, they don’t even know I exist, but I just discovered this recipe site and it’s like the Pinterest for food and recipes. It’s so easy to make recipe collections (I’m doing one for each week to make menu planning easy).  And of course, check out the link-up that has many other bloggers posting their weekly menu plans:

menu planning post link up

Both the link-up and Yummly are great for ideas, but I often need to tweak recipes to make them Nourishing Traditions-friendly. That might mean using bone broths in place of water when making rice, for example, or using lard or coconut oil instead of Crisco or some other fat, and adding fermented foods to each menu (i.e., lacto-fermented ketchup, sauerkraut, kombucha etc.) Some recipes are not savable, and you will be able to recognize them pretty easily (I’m looking at you, cheesy tater tot casserole!) ;)

Our Whole Foods/ Nourishing Traditions-Friendly  Dinner Menu

Monday:  Chicken Pot Pie IV
Update: a true winner! The kids loved it and so did John and I, served with an organic  green salad.  I made it with Sally Fallon’s pie crust recipe, and instead of using water to simmer the chicken, I used the chicken broth called for in the recipe and then drained it into the other pan when making the sauce. In the recipe, it has you use water to simmer the chicken and veggies and then discard that water — all those nutrients lost! No way.

Tuesday:   Pioneer Woman’s Ground Beef Pasta (made with rice pasta) served with salad and homemade vinagrette dressing using raw apple cider vinegar

Wednesday:   Thai Chicken Wraps

Thursday: Paleo Shepherd’s Pie

Friday:  Lemon Thyme Pollock (Wild Caught) with rice and organic veggies

Saturday: Pastured oven-roasted Greek Lemon Chicken with rice pilaf and broccoli

Sunday: Broiled or grilled grass-fed beef roast with Easy Crash Potatoes  and Green Beans w/ Bacon and Shallots

That’s what we’ll be eating every night; with eggs, bacon, yogurt, overnight waffles, sourdough toast & grass-fed butter and overnight oatmeal cycling in and out for breakfasts. Lunches are typically leftovers, sandwiches on sourdough bread or other simple meals. What are you making this week?