Vitamin C: Defense Against Viruses

This post addresses vitamin C treatment for two specific viruses: pertussis, with our personal experience, and then Ebola, with some great quotes from an MD who has reviewed hundreds of studies on the medical use of vitamin C in treating infectious diseases. To skip ahead to the Ebola section, just scroll down.

Vitamin C treatment for viruses

Vitamin C treatment for Pertussis

It all started this summer, when we heard there was a case of pertussis in our county. My mom friends and I freaked out calmly researched the best ways to prevent and treat pertussis naturally at home.

Lucky for us, a friend of mine in SC had just been through it with two of her kids, who caught it from a vaccinated cousin this spring. She pointed us toward an article on the Vitamin C Treatment for Whooping Cough by Suzanne Humphries, M.D. Reading that article gave me a sense of calm and the fear subsided. Her approach was reassuring, and she provided a solid, proven protocol complete with the best types of vitamin C and dosage information.

As a preventative, knowing they’d been in contact with cousins of the little girl with confirmed pertussis, I began giving my children a combination of vitamin C powders (whole food acerola powder as well as the more potent sodium ascorbate) every morning. I was just doing normal doses, more than they’d get in a chewable C but still just as a daily supplement.

The Cough … and the Cure

When Nicholas,who’s 4.5 years old, began to cough at night, I thought it was irritation from the chlorine — we were at the pool nearly daily in August, and he was still perfecting the whole ‘don’t get water in your mouth’ thing. But after the second or third night, I began to wonder. I gave him vitamin C, just the sodium ascorbate kind, at night too. And then he usually made it to morning without coughing.

I upped Nicholas’ doses of C in response to his needs. The other four kids were getting 1/4 tsp sodium ascorbate (or 1.5 tsp acerola) once a day; Nicholas took four times that (1 tsp sodium ascorbate) several times a day. If he coughed at night, I got him more; the cough would stop and he’d sleep. He never reached bowel tolerance; which means his body needed and used every bit of the many, many doses of vitamin C he received.

As long as he had enough vitamin C, Nick didn’t cough. His eyes looked a bit watery/ red; I could tell his body was fighting something, but he wasn’t sick. I kept him home for a few days when he was first coughing, but when the cough was gone thansk to the constant vitamin C, we went about life as normal. We visited cousins; I first told my sister about his cough and the vitamin C treatments we were doing and she said to come anyway. We brought a bottle with us, dosed all 9 kids daily,  and left it for them when we went home.

Was it Whooping Cough?

In retrospect, I suspect that my son had pertussis/ whooping cough this summer. Initially, he did have the fever and runny nose and mild cough. Then the fever was gone, and I thought he was fine (of course, we were doing vitamin C so he had few symptoms). There were just two times that he had real coughing spells and we heard the characteristic “whoop” at night; within 5-10 minutes of an immediate higher dose of vitamin C, it was gone. Nobody else caught it, not the brother who shares a room with him nor the rest of his siblings; not his cousins, none of our pool friends. The vitamin C perhaps allowed his body to fight it to the point that he was minimally contagious instead of highly contagious.

Maybe it was some other respiratory thing and not pertussis; but my husband, myself and my RN sister all think it was quite likely whooping cough. Had there been a  need to take him to the hospital or doctor, we would have, of course, and a swab test would likely have given us accurate results in the beginning. With the vitamin C and plenty of fluids, extra rest and lots of sunshine, he was fine, and we never took him in.

In the end, we’d been giving him the high dose vitamin C for him for over a month before we naturally tapered back down; he stopped asking “for my vitamin C” as his body slowly stopped needing so much. Now he’s back on the regular daily supplement dose with the other kids.

 Can Vitamin C Cure Ebola?

As I began reading about Ebola, its devastation in western Africa and the scary news that at least 9 people have been treated for it here in the US, I looked for solid information about natural ways to support the immune system and even fight off Ebola should one be exposed to — or even worse, infected with — this very very deadly virus (kill rates average 70%).

I’d heard about Dr. Thomas Levy’s book, Curing the Incurable, over the summer as we read about vitamin C and whooping cough. But now I was seeing references to the book again, this time in conjunction with information on natural Ebola cures. I ordered it, and two days later John and I were reading it — or, he was reading it and filling me in at every opportunity, amidst the business of life and kids and taking pigs to the butcher and rendering lard and all the normal things we do.

The section in his book, on Ebola specifically,  is fascinating:

Ebola virus and other viral hemorrhagic fevers are much more likely to cause hemorrhaging before any fatal infection has a chance to become established. This is because the virus so rapidly and totally metabolizes and consumes all available vitamin C in the bodies of the victims that an advanced stage of scurvy is literally produced after only a few days of the disease.

He explains that to date NO viral infection has proven to be resistant to the proper doses of vitamin C, and that an Ebola infection may warrant daily doses of 500,000 mg combined intravenously and orally;  then goes on to say:

For those who still fear that the Ebola virus is the untreatable disease just waiting to strike down their perfect health, consider the recently published evidence that indicates a symptom-free ebola infection can and does occur in human beings. … a number of individuals who were in direct contact with patients sick with Ebola … never developed symptoms. … roughly half of the symptom-free group also developed Ebola-specific antibodies. All this evidence lends further support to the notion that encountering Ebola virus does not mean instant death.

Keep in mind that this edition was written in 2002, more than a  decade ago, and is not just in response to the current outbreak and its presence in the United States. Dr. Thomas Levy writes:

It is also highly unlikely that Ebola virus could successfully sicken an individual with good general nutrition status, and who is taking a daily bowel tolerance dosage of vitamin C, or a reasonable daily dose of liposome encapsulated vitamin C.

For the first time, we both felt a sense of peace that there was a real chance to beat Ebola, and other viruses, with the right approach. The challenge of finding a doctor/ hospital willing to do mega dose IV vitamin C treatments notwithstanding, we have this newfound knowledge base that is nothing less than reassuring and empowering.

I purchased the 90-pack of Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C from Amazon and have it on hand just in case (for any intense viral or bacterial infection) and am daily giving each family member cod liver oil and vitamin C (as acerola powder and/or sodium ascorbate powder, mixed into 1/2 cup orange juice).

It is our hope that by daily giving ourselves this simple vitamin our bodies desperately need for our very survival, but unlike most mammals do not synthesize ourselves, we are both maintaining health and preventing infections.

Vitamin C treatment for viruses

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Natural Immune Boosters

Fighting Flu, Ebola & Other Viruses Naturally

With the start of flu season, the worrisome enterovirus (EV-D68) that’s claimed the lives of several children already, and in the face of Ebola epidemic worries, I’ve been focusing a good deal on strengthening my family’s immune systems.

There are many ways to boost immunity and avoid illness. These critical first steps are as basic as good hygiene, most importantly frequent & thorough hand-washing; enough sleep and minimal stress; a good whole-foods diet and the avoidance of processed foods; and lots of fresh air and sunshine.

There are also some important supplements, vitamins and essential oils that can increase build a stronger immune system, shorten the length of an illness and even enable your body to fight off a terrible virus such as Ebola.

Best Natural Remedies for Viruses

I’ve researched many ways to fight sickness naturally; I’m especially amazed both in theory and practice by the following:

  • High dose vitamin C (read Curing the Incurable)
  • Nano silver 10 ppm (aka colloidal silver)
  • High vitamin fermented cod liver oil
  • Essential oils

My main sources for supplements and supplies:

  • Mountain Rose Herbs (essential oils,  bottles for EO mixes, herbs, teas)
  • Vitacost (vitamin C powders, nano silver, supplements)
  • Dr. Ron’s Ultra-Pure (best quality cod liver oil, butter oil, supplements)
  • Ready Store (medical supplies, emergency preparedness)
  • Nitro-Pak (medical quality surgical sets, medical supplies)

I will be working on separate posts for each of these main topics — vitamin C, nano silver, fermented cod liver oil and essential oils; as well as one on extras such as oregano oil and elderberry syrup, this week. I’ll add the links in this post as soon as they are up.

(Please note that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat or cure any disease or illness. Always consult with your doctor. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.)