Why Frugal Homesteading?

What is frugal homesteading? Why would people prefer to raise their own poultry rather than buy eggs and chicken meat from the store? How is planting fruit trees a hedge against inflation and scarcity? The answers to these questions are as varied as those who (many unwittingly) are part of the back-to-the-land movement. This current trend  has captured many and is inspiring families to produce some or much of their own food, energy and shelter needs.

Moved by a desire for the best possible nutrition, some families raise their own natural foods, from heirloom organic tomatoes and grass-based milk dairies to heritage breed pigs fed natural diets. The health benefits alone make this endeavor worthwhile for many, with the social and personal aspects simply added bonuses.

Survivalists work to be prepared against any imaginable disaster, man-made or natural, and many build complex, self-sustaining homesteads with their own power and energy sources as well as food production. Whether the danger be a flood or tornado or a nuclear attack or economic collapse, these homesteading families and groups intend to survive and even thrive because of their skills, advanced preparations and supplies.

In a bad economy, whether it's a regional recession or a country-wide prolonged economic depression, survival for many will depend on their ability to grow and produce some of their own food and energy needs. Many frugal homesteading families are inspired by economic reasons, as a way to beat rising costs for food and to save money.

 Frugal Homesteading: Getting Started

If you're new to gardening, growing your own food, and living a frugal, simple lifestyle, welcome to the journey! There is so much to do and learn, and it can be quite enjoyable. You may find that life feels more real when you step back from the business of a career and the stress of travel to find peace in your home and garden. Bring your family along for the journey and make frugal homesteading a group effort--no matter what your level of interest and commitment.